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Eye Surgery Videos

Dr. Prasad’s Cosmetic & Eye Surgery Videos

Dr. Prasad has compiled a few eye surgery videos to better prepare prospective patients for eyelid surgery. These videos serve as a helpful guide for patients who may want more details on a particular surgery, or for those who would like to see Dr. Prasad’s skill and expertise first hand. Below you will find several eye surgery videos, as well as videos on Dr. Prasad’s other services, including SmartLift facelifts and other non-invasive procedures.


Eyelash Restoration

Eyelashes can define the eyes and add to the attractiveness of the face. Ideally, when you blink or close your eyes, your eyelashes should form a beautiful crescent that rests on the lower lid. Please view Dr. Prasad’s video on Eyelash Restoration.

Eyelid Procedures

Dr. Prasad’s eyelid procedures can help improve your appearance or improve your vision. Dr. Prasad’s advanced techniques for eye lift surgery procedures produce natural results with quick recovery. Please view Dr. Prasad’s video on Eyelash Procedures.

SmartLift FaceLift Procedures

Dr. Prasad uses laser technology to create a natural and slim face through his SmartLift facelift procedure. Local anesthesia is used to allow a quicker recovery time. This procedure removes unwanted fat from the neck and chin, while tightening skin for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Prasad also uses a similar procedure to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, pouchy lower lids and drooping skin over the eyes in his SmartLift eyelift.
Please view Dr. Prasad’s video on SmartLift FaceLift Procedures

Non-invasive Techniques

Dr. Prasad uses non-invasive procedures to restore one’s youthful appearance without surgery. With products such as Juvederm® and BOTOX® Cosmetic, he is able to smoothen lines and wrinkles that often appear with age. Non-invasive procedures offer minimal swelling and virtually no recovery time.
Please see Dr. Prasad’s video on Non-invasive Procedures

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