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Older EyesEye Lift Plastic Surgery by Dr. Amiya Prasad MD

Dr. Prasad offers safe and easy solutions to counteract the problem signs of aging in both men and women—from droopy or puffy eyelids to heavy eyebags. Conditions resulting from aging, prior surgery, trauma, or hormones (such as wrinkles, scars, or general deformities to the eye area), can now be corrected with eye lift plastic surgery to help restore your youthful face.

Get More Youthful, Rejuvenated, and Natural-Looking Eyes

So, you’ve finally decided to take that first step and do something for yourself. Now, you’re concerned about finding the right specialist to take care of your reconstructive problem but you’re not sure where to start. Well, look no further!

Eyelift Surgery

World renowned Eye Plastic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad will help you understand the solutions to your concerns. As a highly qualified and experienced specialist with four specialty certifications and a deep commitment to caring for his patients, Dr. Prasad is ready to spend the time you need to understand your options and guide you in making a fully informed decision.

More Than Just Eyelifts and Surgery

Dr. Amiya Prasad is known for his deep seated belief in treating his patients like family. For Dr. Prasad, it is essential to create a bond of trust between him and his patients in order to get to know who they are and thus be able to fully address any concerns they may have. For this reason, he created a website that not only serves as an introduction to the services that he offers, but also doubles as a venue where prospective patients can educate themselves about procedures they are interested in and discuss their concerns. Dr. Prasad also believes in customizing his treatment approach to suit the individual, in order to achieve very natural-looking results and quicker recoveries.

We invite you to learn more about what Prasad Cosmetic Surgery can do for you by reviewing selections from Dr. Prasad’s highly acclaimed book The Fine Art of Looking Younger and by browsing before and after case photos, informative videos, and testimonials from former patients about their experience with us.

Click here to view more before and after photos and case histories.

The Top Doctor for Eye Rejuvenation in New York & Long Island

Dr. Amiya Prasad is a top Eye Lift & Facial Plastic surgeon on national patient forums and an expert in eye lift plastic surgery. He is also considered one of the top Blepharoplasty Surgeons on Long Island and in Manhattan. Dr. Prasad has been in practice for over 15 years, performing various procedures that a number of cosmetic surgeons do not offer, such as exotic eye lifts, eyelash transplants, and non-invasive eye lift procedures.

Located in Manhattan, New York and Garden City, Long Island, the luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery feature full-service operating rooms which have met the highest standards of health and are Joint Commission certified. The Joint Commission is the same certifying body that certifies hospitals and surgery centers. Monitored eye plastic surgery procedures are performed in the presence of registered nurses and a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Prasad is proud to offer the high-end, specialized care that has earned his patients’ trust and respect. Private and lengthy consultations allow him to truly listen to concerns and devote the time and personal attention that his patients deserve. Dr. Prasad is happy to cater to patients outside of New York or even the United States. His dedication to his patients and expertise in his field are what has made Dr. Prasad a world-class super specialist in both eye surgery and eye lift plastic surgery.

Non-Surgical Eye Lift Rejuvenation

At our New York City and Garden City offices, available injectables and dermal fillers include Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Juvederm (for hollowing under the eyes), and Selphyl Platelet Rich Plasma Natural Filler. Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss without undergoing surgery!

Read more about non-surgical Pellevé Skin Tightening, which can effectively remove crow’s feet from around the eye area, as well as refresh your entire face.


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