Eyelid Problems in Children

Eyelid Problems – Drooping Eyelids (Ptosis)

Drooping eyelids or ptosis (toe-sis) are eyelid problems can be either present at birth, or occur later in life due to a disease or injury. Ptosis that is present since birth is also referred to as congenital ptosis. Children with ptosis often tilt their head back, lift their eyelid with a finger or raise their eyebrows in order to see. Such habits may also lead to deformities in the head and neck areas. It is essential that eyelid problems in children be addressed immediately, so as to allow the child’s vision to develop normally. If the eyelid or eyelids continue to block and obscure vision before the age of 6, the child can develop amblyopia (lazy eye), which can lead to permanent poor vision.

child ptosis before

This 7-month old baby was in danger of permanent
loss of vision due to his severe ptosis in both eyes

child ptosis after

After surgery, he was able to have normal visual development

teenage girl ptosis before surgery

This 14-year old girl was having trouble in school because
of poor vision and being teased by her classmates about her appearance

teenage girl ptosis after surgery

Now, she has no complaints about her vision and dreams of becoming an actress.

Eyelid Problems – Eye Tearing

Excessive eye tearing is an eyelid problem that commonly occurs as the result of a blocked tear duct in babies. Aside from excessive tearing, other signs may include pus in the corners of the eyes, crust formations on the eyelid or eyelashes in the morning after waking up, or swelling in the side of the nose. These blockages may sometimes resolve on their own, however, if tearing persists beyond 9 months of age, Dr. Amiya Prasad will usually perform a tear duct “probing” to allow the tears to drain and avoid infection. This procedure leaves no outside scar and takes minutes to perform.

Eye Tearing problem

This 3-year old girl has excessive tearing in both
eyes. It is important to recognize and treat problems
with tearing early. If too much time elapses, the
corrective procedure becomes more complicated.

Eyelid Problems – Eye Tearing

This 2-month old baby developed swelling of the tear
sac because the tear duct did not allow proper drainage.
She needed prompt surgical intervention to prevent infection.

Eyelid Problems – Tumors

Tumors around the eye common eyelid problems. Meticulous plastic surgical techniques are used to minimize scars and preserve the health and function of the eye.

eyelid tumors

This 12 month old girl has a tumor made of blood vessels
called a hemangioma. Prompt treatment is necessary
to prevent amblyopia or loss of vision.

eyelid tumor problem

This 4 year old boy has a dermoid cyst next to his left eye.
These need to be removed quickly so that there is no risk of
rupture or inflammation. A proper technique involves an eyelid
crease procedure so that a scar is not obvious.

Before making a decision, you really need a personal evaluation with New York eyelid surgery specialist and Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad to determine what is the most appropriate procedure(s) for your specific case.

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