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Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients
Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients
Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients
Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients Thank you Card from Dr. Prasad's patients

Far Better Than Ever Expected!
Doctor and all the people that work there are fantastic. Setting up the appointment was easy with Zak who nicely texted reminders. A great feature is that there is a nice hotel a block away that you can stay at, if needed, and a great take out food place that has everything right next store.

Dr. Prasad has tremendous artistic and surgical abilities. I went to a previous doctor would did a nice job, but ended up here for a symmetrical touch up. Don’t put yourself thru both the expense and healing process twice – just come here the first time! Thanks so much everyone.

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I’ve known Dr Prasad for over 20 years & has sent him patients because he is an outstanding surgeon. Besides a wonderful person, my eye surgery was so natural that was done over a decade ago. While most people don’t know I had it done!

-Name Withheld

Dr Prasad is an amazingly gifted surgeon and a true artist. Both he and his staff are the best in the business.

-H. W.

I love the staff. Dr. Prasad is the most down to earth person. I was nervous about my procedure and saw that I had not one thing to worry about. I absolutely love my results and confidence. Everyone is so professional and soothing.

-A. F.

The clear explanation of my options for treatments of Dr. Prasad gave me rational expectations of the result, which made both of us extremely happy.

-M. K.

Dr Pasad and his staff are extremely professional, responsive and very friendly.


There are no words to state how thrilled I am with all Dr. Prasad and his staff has done for me. Dr. Prasad your reputation is so well deserved. You are AMAZING. Your staff is a reflection of you. Thank You!


Professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Answered all my concerns and I felt completely confident and comfortable with going forward with the surgery.


My experience with Dr Amiya Prasad was stellar!!!! The staff was accommodating and very friendly. I went in for lower bleph and had no pain and or bruising. Dr Prasad was very warm , caring and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable choosing him to work with my face. Dr Prasad technique with prp left me no bruising after my surgery. He has miracle hands. Within 4 days my swelling was down significantly, I’m very pleased with the outcome on my eyes.

-Name Withheld

Very professional and great in assistance with how they treated me. I greatly recommend this service to anyone that needs to come and get any cosmetic treatment.

-R. I.

Best Doctor Ever!
You do not need to look anywhere else. Dr. Prasad is the best! I had upper and lower lid surgery and look 10 yrs younger, yet no one can tell I had plastic surgery. Dr. Prasad is kind, compassionate, and explains everything with patience. He is truly an exemplary physician. His staff is courtesy, polite and extremely professional. I am so happy and satisfied with this experience and sincerely recommend Dr. Prasad. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Great Experience from Start to Finish
Exceptional. From the consultation to the follow up appointments I always felt “in the know” about my progress. As a first timer, I also never felt pushed to move forward with anything. I don’t regret ever doing the procedure, and wish I had considered it a few years ago. The best decision I’ve made!


Outstanding Doctor and Staff – You Will Be Overjoyed
If you ever contemplated plastic surgery because you were unhappy with some feature of yours – please, please get to your phone and call Dr. Prasad, you will be filled with joy that you never knew. The smile has never left my face since from my very first email, to my first visit, to my upper and lower lid surgery. Dr. Prasad, his nurse Doris and his entire staff make you feel like you are a part of their personal family. The minute I walked in I felt I was right at home. I was nervous that people might be snobby, but that is certainly not the case. My surgery was a pleasure – I felt absolutely no pain and cannot believe the results I had in just 1 week!!! My daughter is getting married this week and I am so happy I made the decision to come in. Now I won’t look tired, puffy eyed and old. Instead, I look refreshed and happy. People have stopped me to ask what looks different… are you sleeping better, did you lose weight and I proudly so, no I got my upper and lower lids done by an amazing surgeon. You cannot see any scars – I look natural and refreshed and I’m thrilled.


Wonderful Surgeon, Beautiful Results
Dr. Prasad is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable physicians I have ever consulted. He is patient considerate, and exceptionally honest about the patient’s concerns and the best approach to take. There is no better advice available and no finer surgeon. His staff are kind and professional in every way, and it is a joy to enter his office. Over Christmas this year, friends and family told me that they hadn’t seen me look more rested and relaxed in a long time, and no one knew exactly why! They asked if I had someone new doing my facials, and WHO it was. As a physician who has seen many people after many procedures over thirty years, I am honored to have Dr. Prasad as my oculoplastic surgeon-there is no one else I would ever consider or recommend.


Dr. Prasad is an amazing artist and wonderful doctor
I had my upper and lower eyelids done by Dr. Prasad. He is very gentle and patient. I was nervous and after meeting him, I knew he was the right doctor for me. I went back to work in one with with no bruising and no pain! I’m so glad I met him.


I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Prasad and his staff, six stars! Thank you!
From the initial call the staff is amazing, the receptionist is beyond helpful and accommodating. The medical assistants are wonderful and very professional. Dr. Prasad is amazing! He takes the time to speak with you and always offers you the best options. I saw a friend that I have not seen in a year, she was so surprised at how good and young I looked.


The individual care I received was top-notch from the first consultation which included photographs addressing the heaviness of my upper eyelids which were like two canopies. Dr. Prasad was friendly, professional and answered all my questions and was very thorough in explaining all aspects of the surgery and recovery. His team was wonderful, attentive and professional. The experience was a “ten” in every way. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad and his team. I feel rejuvenated and at my best now!

-P. L.

Professional, friendly and helpful
Dr Prasad and his team were very friendly and professional during my consultation and procedure. Very easy to schedule appointments via text and email. Results are beautiful and healing time was minimal.


Dr. Prasad and his whole staff treated me like family
Dr. Prasad always spent as much time as needed with me and I never felt rushed. He did my eyelids 20 years ago and age/gravity did its job and so last year I went back for a touch-up. My eyes look beautiful and very NATURAL! Office is super clean, staff is professional and caring. The doctor also removed the dark spots on my hands via laser and still, 6 months later, my hands look 10 years younger. I will definitely go back to Dr. Prasad for any future procedures.


Every team member at Dr. Prasad’s office were very professional and made me feel comfortable.
Dr. Prasad is great, very informative and understanding to the patient’s needs. His staff is also exceptional and so friendly and helpful. Nurses Jefferson and Maria are the best. I would highly recommend Dr. Prasad for any procedure b/c 5 day in following my surgery and the results are amazing. I am so happy I decided to go with Dr. Prasad and his awesome staff.


Professional care throughout the entire process
Dr. Prasad has been exceptional, extremely personable and professional. He ensured that my expectations would be realistic, but in reality they were far exceeded. Very nice bedside manner, informative, and efficient.


Eyelid surgery by Dr Prasad
I felt very comfortable and confident during the consultation with Dr. Prasad the first time. That’s the main reason why I decided to have him work on my eyelids. He is an artist who uses surgical devices to create his works!


Asian Eyelid
I love it the result of my asian eyelid surgery. I don’t know why I waited so long I should have done it sooner. I so happy no more glue. Thank you Dr Prasad for doing awesome job on my eyelid


Dr. Prasad is the best! Eyelid surgery review
He’s very knowledgeable and his hands are skilled. My results were beyond my expectations. I’m 58 and everyone says it took 15 years off my face. I tell all my friends. Also the Staff, warm and supportive.


Dr. Prasad is totally engaged with you in a way that your procedure takes everything about you into consideration so that can fulfill your vision of yourself and of course he is so extraordinarily brilliant and such a master of his profession that it was no small miracle that he restored my lids…like a painting or a piece of furniture… the first thing I do when I get up and prepare to put on my makeup or begin my nightly regimen is look at myself in the mirror and stare at my eyes…there must be some magic in his fingertips the way he restored my lids like he did… I think….. as I gaze into my mirror and just appreciate the beauty

Most important – the results! – New York, NY
I do need to comment on the whole staff because from start to completion of my lower eyelid surgery, they worked wonderfully together as a team. Aurora was my initial contact person, and it reminded me of the expression: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” My first impression was that this was a professional staff. I then met Jeffrey, the nurse, who increased my comfort level – he was friendly, knowledgeable, and indulged me in my at-times obsessive questions. Finally…Dr. Prasad! He gave me both a good clinical understanding of my procedure and a relaxed feeling about my procedure. I’m enjoying looking in the mirror even more (lol)! I have an even better feeling about Dr. Prasad and his entire staff thanks top my excellent experience – next up, my upper eyelids!


Dr. Prasad is the master of what he does! He is so knowledgable, passionate and has an amazing bed side manner. He made me feel extremely comfortable and I am thrilled with the results! The professionalism from the staff was definitely above and beyond 7 stars. Dr Prasad has healing hands, he repaired my eyelid, I am 100% satisfied with my experience and results. I recommend anyone in need of any cosmetic procedures to visit.

Great staff. Very friendly and helpful. Surgery was exactly what I wanted and hoped for
There simply are not enough words to express my gratitude to Dr. Prasad for completely restoring my lower lids and turning back time for me…now, how does a woman say thank you for such a miracle. Not to mention the depression, which I never connected to my swollen lower lids, until now! Also, I am grateful to the unsurpassed kindness and caring of Dr. Prasad’s staff. I never received such personal attention before, Linda…love Linda, personally driving back to my hotel and checking on me every single day. I am joyously happy. And, I will forever be obliged to Dr. Prasad.


Fresh Eyes, Happy Face
Dr. Prasad and his staff are extemely wonderful. I felt safe and cared for the moment I walked into his office. Everyone is really friendly and make you feel comfortable with asking any questions. I’ve only been to the office four times and I usually get seen prompty for my appointment but one day it was really really busy so I had to wait quite a while but I saw so many people waiting for him to work his magic. My recovery time was a week from swelling. I ending up having a hemoraged blood vessel burst in my right eye but it wasn’t anything to worry about it. It didn’t hurt at all and it disappeared after two and weeks. I am so happy I made the choice of removing my bags by Dr. Prasad. There was no scar, no pain, no worries. He is an artist at his craft. Thank you so much for taking care of my eyes!


67 Year Young, lower eye bag surgery with CO2 laser and PRP
I had a lower eye bag surgery with co2 laser and Prp. I have to compliment Dr. Prasad and his team for their friendliness and competency. The recovery was easy and I am pleased with the result. I have recommended Dr Prasad to several of my friends. They, also, we’re pleased with whatever surgery he had performed.


This was a great experience. Dr. Prasad and his staff are thoughtful, sensitive and very conscientious. I was very nervous about having any work done around my eyes and concerned about how long it would take to heal. Within a week after surgery, I was back at work with almost no signs of scarring. My surgery was 6 months ago and the difference in the way I look and feel is fantastic. I am very grateful and satisfied.

I am thrilled with the results of my eyelid surgery. Dr. Prasad is a wonderful, gentle plastic surgeon and artist. I would trust him to perform any plastic surgery without any hesitation. His entire practice is run with great profession!

I am happy with my upper and lower eyelid surgery. My eyes look so much better- rejuvenated and better! And yet, they do not look like I had surgery done. My experience was wonderful from the very beginning and as promised, the recovery was not bad at all. I love my eyes. Thank you Dr. Prasad and all the nurses!

Dr. Prasad performed both upper and lower blepharoplasty, as well as PRP and laser resurfacing around my eyes. It is now 6 months post-op, and I am very pleased with the results. The tired look is gone and replaced with a very natural rejuvenated more youthful appearance. I am very happy I chose Dr. Prasad for my surgeon.

I am very grateful to Dr. Prasad for fixing my retracted eyelids using Acellular Dermis and PRP. Dr. Prasad has been extremely professional, friendly, attentive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. I have received the best care by both Dr. Prasad and his exceptional staff. I will recommend him to anyone with the utmost confidence in his abilities


Dr. Prasad – Excellent Surgeon
My experience with having Dr. Prasad correct my retracted lower eyelids has been only the best. He is a dedicated surgeon and treated me with the finest care throughout the entire process from consultation to surgery to aftercare.

I Had the Asian eyelid surgery done 4 months ago and the results are amazing. The healing process and follow up went as it was supposed to. My new eyelid crease looks natural and I am happy with it. Will visit again

Lower Eye Surgery
Getting my Lower eye surgery performed Dr. Prasad was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. My Mom had her procedure done by him and the results were fireworks, so I knew I was in good hands when I decided to have my lower eye surgery done by Dr Prasad. I was initially hesitate due to the fact that other surgeons I had met with prior told me I did not qualify for this surgery because my eyes were too prominent but that did not stop me from still looking for the right surgeon . I finally consulted with Dr Prasad and based on our consultation session I became aware that he had been in this field for a long time and had the expertise on performing this kind of surgeries on different races / eye shapes so I was truly confident I would also get the best result as my mom did. I had my lower eye surgery done and I am so in love with the results I always look forward to waking up in the morning just to look at my face in the mirror without seeing the eye bags and all thanks goes to Dr Prasad and his amazing staff for bringing back my self-confidence. I will highly recommend Dr Prasad to my family and friends.


Terrific Doctor
Dr. Prasad did my upper eyelids, removed my dark spots, and made my lips fuller and more beautiful. I look so much younger now and you cannot tell I had plastic surgery. Dr. Prasad explains everything so well, he is a wonderful doctor. The whole office is very nice and friendly. My mom also went to Dr. Prasad for her eyes and she looks great. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad, he is the best. I am so happy with the way I look!


Dr. Amiya Prasad is a hugely talented physician as well as a superb human being. I went to him over a decade ago for an upper and lower eye lift. He did a remarkable job; he managed to rejuvenate the appearance of my eyes and and more importantly make it easier for me to read without drooping lids. My eyes remained ‘familiar’ to me, not at all ‘strange’ or ‘freakish.’ Dr. Prasad kept their natural appearance. His artistry is evident. I returned to Dr. Prasad a decade later to repair the entropion in my left eye. By now enormously successful he was still the same rare individual, empty of any pretension, welcoming and kind. Again, he did a first-rate job. His staff members, Gloria, Dora and Jeff, reflect Dr. Prasad’s excellence, kindness and intelligence. I recommend Dr. Prasad to anyone favoring ‘au naturel’ instead of artificial plastic surgery results.

-P. B.

I had a great doctor, great experience. Love my new eyes. The staff was great and attentive. I would recommend Dr. Prasad to the world! He is a genius with the eyes.

I had my upper & lower eye lids done in December 2012 (w/ a little laser work under the eyes). While his services do not come cheap, I couldn’t have been happier with the process & results. My eyes looks refreshed, natural & no one would ever know I had surgery. My boyfriend had his lower eyelids done several years earlier by Dr. Prasad & it was transformative – – it took years off his appearance. Neither of us had any complications or problems. I would highly recommend him.

Went for a consult today for upper and lower eyelid surgery. The office staff was very pleasant. I’ve been to plastic surgeons that the front desk staff look like Barbie dolls almost too perfect !!! In my opinion that lacks taste. Dr. Prasad spent alot of time with me explaining my options for surgery. He answered all my questions. Didn’t seemed rushed at all. He is pricey. Ive been to other consults that were no charge he charges 200 dollars which comes off the surgery price or any other service if you decide not to have the surgery