Male Blepharoplasty

Male Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Experienced specialists like Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad understands the minute differences between female and male plastic surgery, and the impact they can make on one’s face.The slightest change in the shape and structure of the eyes and eyelids can make noticeable changes in a person’s expressions, and must therefore be treated with utmost precision.

Female vs. Male Blepharoplasty

It is important that men retain their masculine image rather than the more stereotypical feminine result. A quick search of stars in the media will reveal which men sought out a cosmetic surgeon who understood this difference. A poorly performed male blepharoplasty that leaves a man’s eyes looking round or doll-like is one of the most frequent reasons a star will suddenly find an unfavorable story about his “eyelid job” in the press.

While the surgical procedure itself is similar for both female and male blepharoplasty, the manner in which it is executed differs. Special attention must be placed on the amount of eyelid skin tightening done and the placement of the incisions.

Typically, a man’s upper eyelid crease is lower than a woman’s, and the arch of the eyebrow is more level. These features must be preserved during male blepharoplasty in order to retain the masculine appearance of the face. Another important factor is not to over-correct a man’s eyelid during eyelid lift surgery. As men age, their eyelids will differ from those of their youth, and blepharoplasty for men should appreciate this subtle difference.

The Growing Benefits of Male Blepharoplasty

The world of business places great emphasis on youth and vitality in order to remain competitive and be seen as a sharp competitor. Countless men have realized that they too need to maximize their projected image in order to prolong their earning potential. An optimal physical appearance translates into a better chance for professional success.

The eyes are the focal point of the face, and the most expressive one at that. Thus, a youthful appearance contributes substantially to the impression a person makes. Bags beneath the eyes,  dark circles, wrinkled and drooping layers of skin on the eyelids, and sagging eyebrows give the entire face a perpetually heavy, tired, or sad expression, and lacks the power to really engage someone. After all, when the eyes look their best, they also function best.

Dr. Amiya Prasad’s offices are fully equipped and staffed so that men are able to come in and have a discreet consultation in a comfortable and professional environment. Male blepharoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure with the use of lasers and radio frequency technology to allow the fastest recovery possible. Most people are able to go back to work within one week.

Male Blepharoplasty Before and After


male blepharoplasty before


male blepharoplasty after

This 66-year old male patient was very distressed by the large bags under his eyes and wanted very much to look good for his daughter’s wedding. He was anxious about going into surgery under general anesthesia and was relieved to know that his surgery would be done under local anesthesia. He underwent lower eyelid male blepharoplasty and looked very good for his daughter’s wedding.


asian male blepharoplasty before


after blepharoplasty surgery asian

This 57-year old Korean man was concerned that his upper eyelids were starting to affect his ability to see. He had deferred having upper eyelid surgery for many years, in fear that he would look “westernized”. Dr. Prasad, who has extensive experience with Asian eyelid surgery, assured him that he would see better and look natural. He eventually underwent bilateral upper eyelid Asian blepharoplasty and was very happy with the results.


blepharoplasty for men before surgery


blepharoplasty for men after surgery

This 59-year old male attorney recently divorced after 25 years of marriage. He felt he wanted to look his best now that he was back on the dating scene. At the same time, he did not want the obvious look of cosmetic surgery often seen on well-known celebrities. He underwent conservative upper and lower male blepharoplasty, which blended well with the rest of his face. After the surgery was healed, he reflected that he looked better than many of his dates.


male blepharoplasty in new york before surgery


male blepharoplasty in new york after surgery

This 46-year old male was keeping himself physically fit and following a very healthy diet and lifestyle. He was frustrated with the constant presence of bags under his eyes and tried many of the solutions offered on late night television. He successfully underwent bilateral lower eyelid transconjunctival male blepharoplasty, resulting in him having a natural look and looking more energetic

If you want to find out if you’re a good candidate for male eyelid surgery or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Amiya Prasad, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You may also reach out to our Manhattan, New York City office at (212) 265-8877, and our Garden City, Long Island office at (516) 742-4636.

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