Eyelid Surgery Quiz

Is Eyelift Surgery Right for Me?

Over the years, our clients have shared with us various reasons for wanting to have eyelid surgery. We’ve gathered together their reasons and created a list for prospective patients to consider before having surgery. Read through the list and see if any of the statements apply to you.

  • I always look tired or sleepy in pictures.
  • I feel young, but my eyes look tired and puffy.
  • Applying makeup is very difficult because my eyelids are puffy.
  • I exercise and eat right, but my eyes don’t look as good as I feel.
  • People always ask me if I I’m tired, even when I get plenty of sleep.
  • Although I’m pretty young, the bags under my eyes make me look older.
  • I work in a business that is very image conscious, and I need to project a lot of energy.
  • I have some important social engagements coming up, and I would like to look as happy as I feel.
  • I have used different creams and gels to improve the way my eyes look, but they have not been effective.
  • I  recently had a significant change in my life and want to start meeting people again. Looking my best would help me feel better about myself.

If any of these statements apply to your current situation, then it might be worth looking into the possibility of having state-of-the-art cosmetic eyelid surgery from Dr. Prasad himself.

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