LashDip®: Semi-Permanent Mascara for Perfect Eyelashes

How does LashDip work?

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In an interview by Elle magazine, Gina Mondragon, co-creator of LashDip, explains, “LashDip is a black jelly coating that’s cold-air-cured onto lashes by one of our trained professionals. The finish mimics the look of mascara—lift, separation, length, volume, hold—and lasts six weeks. Once LashDip dries and hardens into its final state, it’s unsusceptible to water and sweat.”

Unlike regular mascaras that use oils and waxes to thicken and define eyelashes, LashDip is a “tubing” type of mascara which makes use of flexible polymers. After application, these flexible polymers dry into a film which completely covers each eyelash hair follicle 360 degrees around. The mascara is then cured which allows it to last, without smudging, for up to six weeks.

LashDip is also “buildable”, meaning the more mascara is brushed onto the eyelashes, the thicker and longer it becomes because the “tube” that surrounds the hairs builds upwards and outwards, much like the way an icicle forms. This makes it easy for LashDip to add length and volume to even the shortest and finest of eyelashes.

What is LashDip made of?

LashDip contains several conditioning agents in its prepping (LashPrep) and sealing (LashSeal) solutions, such as glycerin, aloe and glycol. LashDip is safe for natural lashes, and is deemed a pharmaceutical grade, hypoallergenic product that does not contain aniline or formaldehyde. According to Mondragon, the black pigment it uses is carbon black which is “traditionally produced from charring organic materials such as wood or bone.” Though carbon black was once only restricted to hair dyes, it was eventually approved for use in cosmetics by the FDA in 2004.

The LashDip Effect

“Dipping” your lashes with LashDip allows you maintain long-lasting eyelashes for up to six weeks! LashDip adds volume, increases length, provides lift, curve & separation — similar to that of traditional mascara — but it won’t smudge or wash off! No more hassling with mascara. No makeup remover. No mess. No more raccoon eyes. Forget smearing, running, clumping, flaking, application difficulty, sensitivity, not to mention the inconvenient time factor involved in daily application and re-application. LashDip is the answer you and your eyelashes have been waiting on. Even better, for women who enjoy outdoor activities or going to the gym, LashDip is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your mascara running because of sweating or swimming.

LashDip for Lower Lashes

Women usually experience some trouble with mascara application on their lower eyelashes. Mascara can be difficult to apply, can take a lot of time, and can also cause clumping and “racoon eyed” smearing, especially on those lower lashes. Many women unfortunately have to skip lower lash mascara application to avoid the time-consuming mess and embarrassment associated with typical mascara application. LashDip is the ultimate answer for enhancing your lower eyelashes semi-permanantly to get the beautiful, eye opening effect you desire. If your lower lashes mascara application has been a problem, look no further! With LashDip, you will no longer have raccoon eyes caused by smudging and flaking of mascara.

LashDip Before and After Photos
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Professional LashDip Application in New York

Our beauty professionals are properly trained and technically equipped to safely and effectively apply LashDip to your eyelashes. The semi-permanence of LashDip is the result of an innovative formula and application technique. For best results and long-lasting LashDip lashes, our technicians will advise you on maintenance and care.

LashDip application usually takes a little under 1 hour, and will save you countless attempts of mascara application. Typical results are four to six weeks. At two to three weeks, we recommend a follow-up visit with our LashDip technicians for a “LashRefresh” appointment to help extend the life of LashDip during each treatment period.

LashDip can also be combined safely with lash growth products (such as LATISSE) and lash extensions for the ultimate eyelash enhancement — just ask our specialists. We offer LashDip application services at Dr. Amiya Prasad’s office locations in Upper East Side Manhattan and Garden City, New York.

Make your LashDip appointment today!

So, you could spend all that time and effort going through bottles of mascara in the search for the perfect one, or you could just pick up the phone and make an appointment for LashDip. Call (212) 265 -8877 for LashDip in New York City, NY or Garden City, Long Island or email our LashDip technician directly.

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