Get Sucker Punch lashes with LashDip!

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If you’ve seen the film Sucker Punch, you’ve probably noticed — amidst explosive action scenes and special effects — how visually powerful a pair of long, dark lashes can be, too. The good news is that the movie make-up effects used to create the dramatic eyelashes on Sucker Punch’s lead actresses, Emily Browning and Vanessa Hudgens, can be similarly achieved with LashDip semi-permanent mascara. What …

TV Celebrities Want to Know “The Fine Art of Looking Younger”

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As reports: “Fresh-faced The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards hasn’t resorted to extensive plastic surgery like many Hollywood reality stars and has instead kept her looks the natural way. Richards, 42, revealed one of the secrets to keeping her gorgeous skin when she was photographed reading “The Fine Art of Looking Younger”, by cosmetic surgeon Dr. …

Pelleve: A new procedure, with LI roots, in the war on wrinkles (Newsday)

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There’s yet another weapon in the war on wrinkles. Called Pelleve, the process uses radio-wave technology to induce heat into the skin, stimulating collagen growth to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The technology was developed by Ellman International, a medical company in Oceanside, N.Y., that got its start making equipment for dental surgery. Pelleve was granted FDA …

The Natural Filler: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

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Rejuvenate Your Skin the Natural Way People nowadays are on the hunt for natural fillers that offer little to no risk of allergic reactions. This has lead to the creation of procedures such as the “vampire facelift” or the “Dracula facelift”, wherein the person’s own blood is used to rejuvenate their appearance much like the way popular fillers such as …

Dr. Stephen Bosniak

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When I was a resident and anticipating with excitement my fellowship in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery (there were less the 15 positions in the entire country), I spent hours watching videotapes of Dr. Stephen Bosniak performing Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery. I admired his gift as a teacher through his writing and through his demonstration of surgical techniques. I spent so much …

Pellevé for Eyes: Say Goodbye “Crow’s Feet” Wrinkles!

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For the lucky ones, “Crow’s Feet” can show wisdom in your expression. But for the not-so-fortunate ones, “Crow’s Feet” are probably just making you look old and tried. If you are not familiar with what “Crow’s Feet” are, they are the fine lines and wrinkles at the corner of the eyes, that appear especially during facial expressions like smiling. It …

Men can eliminate their puffy bags and take years off!

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More and more men have been coming to my office for their lower eyelid procedures.  The procedure is quick and easy and results in eliminating puffy lower lids that can make you look very tired, even when you don’t feel tired!  The job market is increasingly competitive and men want to put their best foot (or face) forward.  We are …

Video Blog

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Check out the premiere episode of my video blog: Eye Lifts Video Blog

Relief for Puffy Eyes

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Puffy eyes can be the result of allergies, sinuses and sometimes even diet.  Most frequently, eyes that remain puffy regardless of time of day and for a prolonged period of time are the result of the prolapse of fat under the eyes.  In our practice we perform a procedure called lower eyelid blepharoplasty, under local anesthesia with sedation.  This procedure …

Finding value in your facial cosmetic surgeon

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Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon for your facelift or eyelid procedure can be overwhelming and a bit confusing.   Facial cosmetic surgery can add years of youthfulness and beauty to your appearance.  However, choosing the right surgeon is critical to your result.  Most patients have certain criteria  — a checklist to compare one surgeon with another.  At my office, we believe …