Eyelift Surgery FAQ

Learn More About Eye Lift Surgery with Our FAQs

Take a moment to peruse our eye lift surgery FAQ section, and find out why so many people are turning to Dr. Prasad for eye lift surgery. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q. If I am interested in a consultation for eye lift surgery, is there a fee?
A. Cosmetic consultations are by appointment only. The fee for consultation is $200. The consultation includes a discussion of your specific concerns, review of your medical history and all necessary oculoplastic examinations. You will also meet with members of our staff who will be involved with your care.

Q. How much does eye lift surgery cost?
A. The cost of eye lift surgery depends on what you are having done, as well as where you are having it done. Generally, eye lift surgery is more expensive if it is done in a hospital compared to our Joint Commission approved surgery facility.

Q. Does eye lift surgery hurt?
A. Dr. Prasad usually gives his patients medication such as Valium before an eye lift surgery so that there is no discomfort. If you are very nervous or sensitive, Dr. Prasad works with an anesthesiologist who can give you stronger medication. Usually, most patients don’t have a problem with pain.

Q. How long does eye lift surgery take?
A. Depending on the procedure, eye lift surgery can take 1-3 hours, including setup.

Q. Is eye lift surgery done with lasers?
A. Yes, Dr. Prasad uses either the CO2 laser or radio frequency instruments. Since Dr. Prasad is a specialist in eye lift surgery, he makes sure to use only the latest technology.

Q. Can I wear my contact lenses afterwards?
A. Contact lenses can be worn within a week after surgery.

Q. When can I go back to doing my usual activities like exercising?
A. After the first two days, you can do as much as you feel capable of doing. Lifting and high-impact exercise should be avoided for two weeks. Low-impact exercises can be resumed after one week.

Q. Can I shower or wash my hair after eye lift surgery?
A. Yes, just avoid having the water going directly at your eyes. Getting the area wet is fine.

Q. Will I look really bad or bruised after eye lift surgery?
A. No. Unlike traditional eye lift surgery, there is very little swelling, since Dr. Prasad uses lasers.

Q. Can I drive afterwards?
A. Since you will have ointment on your eyelids, it’s better if someone else drives you home after eye lift surgery.

Q. How much time do I need to take off from work after eye lift surgery?
A. Most people go back to work in one week.

Q. Do I need to do anything special at home afterwards?
A. You will get a printed set of instructions from Dr. Prasad. Basically, you will be applying ointment and ice packs to the eyelids for the first two days. We also recommend taking vitamin C.

Q. Can I watch TV after eye lift surgery?
A. Yes, there will be no strain on your eyes by watching TV after eye lift surgery.

Q. What is Dr. Prasad’s background?
A. Dr. Prasad is an Oculofacial plastic surgeon. He specializes in facial plastic and eye lift surgery. Many plastic surgeons have problems with the eye because they are not trained in this area. Since Dr. Prasad is also an ophthalmologist, he will make sure your eyes are healthy and taken care of at the same time. Click here to learn more about Dr. Prasad.

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