Dancing with my cosmetic surgery patients

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I was just invited to a fundraising Ball at the Waldorf Astoria by one of my patients.  She had a facelift and upper and lower eyelid surgery.  She is an extremely vivacious woman with her own marketing consultant firm.  Recently, she found she was losing projects to younger women and men.  Therefore, she took matters into her own hands (or perhaps into my hands) and decided to undergo the Smart Lift FaceLift and Eyelid Lift to rejuvenate her appearance.  Her neck is now as smooth as it was 15 years ago and her face looks ten years younger!  She was so happy with her results that she invited my wife and I to join her last Friday night at a black-tie ball at the Waldorf-Astoria.  It was a lovely evening, thank you Mira.  I was proud to be a part of the event and to donate several cosmetic surgery packages to the silent auction.