Mission Statement

“In my practice, the essence of what we do is to develop a bond with our patient. So we get to really know who they are, and they get to know us very well.”

Dr. Prasad believes that the best way to help patients with their cosmetic concerns is to first establish a bond of trust, not just between him and his patients, but also between his patients and his staff. This follows through with his belief that patients should be treated like family. Dr. Prasad says that the best way to show his commitment to helping patients achieve their cosmetic eye lift surgery goals is by spending time getting to know them and their reasons for wanting surgery.

Dr.  Prasad believes in discussing your options and realistic expectations openly and frankly. He ensures that every procedure will be carried out with the highest quality of patient care that in consistent with the safety and well-being of the patient, and the artistry required to meet the patient’s cosmetic eye lift goals.

Dr. Prasad strives to achieve the most natural and aesthetically beautiful results possible. His artistic approach to cosmetic eye lift surgery incorporates an outstanding sense of balance, proportion and aesthetic sensibility. He believes that surgery should not completely alter a patient’s face, but should only enhance one’s features while still maintaining its unique character. Dr. Prasad says that once someone compliments you on your surgery, it’s most likely a sign that you’ve already had too much surgery.

“We all have an image of ourselves in our mind’s eye, and there’s often a disconnect as we get older, or as some of the genetic changes start to occur, between that image and what we see in the mirror or in photos. What I try to do is reconnect what we see in our mind’s eye with how we look on the outside.”

We will take all the time necessary to fully answer each and every question you may have. Our consultations are by appointment only, so that you don’t have to feel any commitment when you come in to meet Dr. Prasad.

We strive to make all of our patients satisfied and happy with their cosmetic eye lift surgery results.

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