Plastic Surgery Foundation

The Life Lover® Foundation

“innovative Molecular Research for Tomorrow’s Cancer Cures”

Dr. Prasad is on the board of a remarkable foundation called the Life Lover® Foundation. Founded in 1996 by Sharon Lee Parker, the mission of the Life Lover® Foundation is to fund new and novel research projects in cancer therapeutics. It also funds research at HUMC’s tumor bank, a facility that stores and studies specimens in order to establish the best treatment plan for patients with similar cancers. The founder of the organization, Sharon Lee Parker, wrote a poignant book called Look Out Cancer… Here I Come, in which she shares her story of survival and offers tips for other people going through similar situations.

Dr. Prasad contributes to the foundation by offering his time, skills and expertise to cancer survivors who are selected by the foundation to receive cosmetic surgery. Such procedures are a great way for them to feel a renewed sense of self and a more positive outlook on their lives.

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